LAU Ching-Ping

Chairman of HK International Photo Festival



LAU Ching-Ping, living in Hong Kong, makes creative work on photography, design and education. He studied design and photography in the Swire School of Design of HK Polytechnic (now HK Polytechnic University).

He is the current chair of HK International Photo Festival (2018-). 

He had been co-editor of photo art magazine ‘Dislocation’, part-time lecturer of the CUHK, HKU Space, HK Art School, Lumenvisum, HK Heritage Museum and M+ Museum. 

His works was exhibited in “Hong Kong: Man and Environment” (1984), “City Vibrance : Recent Works in Western Media by Hong Kong Artists” (1992), “Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial” (1992), “Contemporary Photography from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan” (1994), “On Hong Kong” (1998), “Hong Kong Four Cast” (2005) ,’City Flâneur: Social Documentary Photography’ (2010) at HK Heritage Museum, ‘I Think It Rains: Burger Collection’s Quadrilogy 2’ (2013) , “Lianzhou Int’l Photo Festival” (2006), Pingyao Int’l Photo Festival (2011 & 2014), ‘Relativity in City’ (2013) at the Total Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. 

WYNG Master Award AIR Project Winner (2013-2014). “Thin as air” Photo art book published (2017). Nomination of Prix Picket 2016 (Space).

His works are collected in various institutions, including the Guangdong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Google art project and private collectors.

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