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Taipei, Taiwan

Photo ONE’19 was held on 2019/04/26-28 at Taipei Artist Village. The three-day-fair included: Photo Fair, Portfolio Review, Photo Talk, Outdoor Kino Cinema.

At Photo Fair, international publishers such as were invited to enable the visitors to closely interact with the artists and publishers. 

At Portfolio Review, international critics, professionals, curators, photographers, researchers, and publishers were invited from various cities such as France, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Emerging photography talents got to present their work and had face-to-face professional guidance from the professionals.  

Moreover, professionals such as IIZAWA Kotaro, DUAN Yu-Ting, SONG Sujong, CHANG Shih-Lun, and Pascal Beausse were invited for Photo Talk to have provided informative talks and valuable insight for recent art and photography scene in the world.


For Outdoor Kino Cinema, the documentary, “Koudelka : Shooting Holy Land,” was display on the rooftop of Taipei Artist village that showed the precious footages of the well-known photographer, Josef Koudelka, recording the time of Soviet Union invading Czech Republic. 

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