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Koudelka : Shooting Holy Land

I never work for any institutes or shooting projects.
I don't work for money. I shoot for myself. 
- Josef Koudelka 

Czech photographer, Josef Koudelka recorded the time of Soviet Union invading Czech Republic with military force, also known as “Prague Spring.” He exported his documentary photograph with the name marked with initials “P.P.” for “Prague Photographer ” and handed them to  Magnum Photos to reveal the truth to the world. He had hence long exiled overseas until 1970 when he got political shelter by U.K. He obtained French citizenship in 1987, and returned to Prague in the end.


Boskovice, born in Slovakia, Czech Republic , 1938, had been always raised behind “Iron Curtain”, and he was always curious about the other side of the world. He was overwhelmed when he witnessed the 9 metered wall Israel made in West Bank, Jordan in 2008. Since then, he had begun the four-year project: “This Place: Making Images, Breaking Images — Israel and the West Bank.”


Rarely receiving  any interviews, Boskovice has been always focusing on exploring the relation between landscapes, human and the architectures. For example, The Black Triangle at the boundary of Germany and Czech Republic, the construction of English Channel tunnel, and Ruins of Beirut have appeared under his lens.  Gilad Baram, Israeli director and also the assistant of Koudelka’s project, got to closely record this legendary photographer and dig deeper into his passion and insight for his creation.

Professional Review Session is conducted after the film.

| Time:   2019/04/27 (Sat.) 19:30-22:00

| Place:  Taipei Artist Village, rooftop

​| Professional reviewers:

  • Leh Chyun Lin

        Producer and director of documentary, Vice Professor of the graduate institute            of Journalism National Taiwan University

  • Chia Chi Chen

        Researcher of Research Center of Multi-cultural Studies, National Cheng Kung           University