Portfolio Review

Portfolio review is created for the creators aspiring to become professional photographers. It is to provide the registered participants to have face-to-face contact and guidance by the international reviewer team consisting of professional critics, scholars, curators, photographers, researchers, and publishers. Besides gaining professional feedback, the participants will also have great chance of earning publicity and publishing possibility for their works.


Due to the limited registration, applicants are required to submit the application and go through selection procedure.

At the end of the review, the reviewers will also select a winner for Photo ONE Best Portfolio Review Award.



Over the years, international professional photographers have been invited to participate in this event. The outstanding photographic works of domestic photographers have also won the opportunity to be exhibited, published and collected in Singapore International Photography Festival, Auckland festival of photography, Lianzhou Foto festival in China, Lishui Photography Festival in China, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Japan, Japanese Gallery –PLACE M, Japanese publisher- Akakka, and CT: National Geographic Magazine…etc.

Notice before Register

The admission fee for Portfolio Review is NTD$ 4,800

Send your application before 8/31, 2020, Monday to get the Early Bird price at NTD$3,500


In addition to provide personal information in the application, please upload the same series of artwork description and work images (up to 12) for the preliminary review for the committee. The lists of selected applicants and waitlisted applicants will be announced before the mid of September. The selection process of this year's Best Portfolio Review Award will also be based on the complete work series. (Note: The same work series by the same artist who have won the awards in the past will be excluded from the selection criteria.)



When submit the application, please make sure to fill in the order of reviewers (check the form for reference) who you wish to speak/meet with. To ensure a smooth process of the event, the committee reserves the right of final decision is case of dispute. The date of Portfolio Review is scheduled on Friday, 10/23 and Saturday, 10/24. Participants are required to reserve the time as indicated above. Each participant will be able to speak/meet with five reviewers; each review session will last for 20 minutes. 



To facilitate the preparation work of the participant and improve the quality of interpreting and communication, the spoken languages of all the reviewers will be listed. If you need relevant interpreting assistance, please bring your own interpreter.


In order to facilitate the selection process of the Best Portfolio Review Award, participants are requested to complete and turn in a complete submission which includes complete work series, relevant both Chinese/English resumes and artwork descriptions at the designated premises for getting your submission reviewed by the jury

*Please be noted that: If participant fails to complete the instructions indicated above, it is deemed to have forfeited the eligibility.


In case of force majeure or if, for any other unforeseen factors such as natural disasters, epidemics and other irresistible factors that seriously affect the safety of the people and the events, the Photo ONE Taipei committee reserves all rights to postpone or cancel the events. If the event is canceled due to irresistible factors, the organizer may refund the participants in full after deducting part of the administrative operation fee. The proportion of refund amount will be decided by the committee later.

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