Liu Chen-Hsiang

Full-time photographer of the National Theater and Concert Hall and the Cloud Gate 
Adjunct Professor of the Department of Theatrical Design and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts


Senior photographer who held his first solo exhibition at age 20, in 1987 began shooting record performing arts, also for the film shoot stills. Held many solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, the work has also been museum collections, and publication of "Taiwan Photo Graphy Files", "before and after: Cloud Gate :in photographer , s memory ", "mouthful of fish bone" and other works set. Worked in the media, after the creation of studio, diligently for shooting reports, performing arts, long-term cooperation with domestic troupes. 2010  the "Wu San-lien Prize Art Award - photography class" award, the assessment affirm its photographic work "witnessed the era of Taiwan's social and cultural change and pulsation, and successfully capture the wonderful moments dancers dance dynamics."

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