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About Photo ONE

Asia Pacific Artlink Co., Ltd., founded in 2017 by a group of much experienced professionals, had great success in holding ONE ART Taipei, hotel art fair, in 2019 and 2020. 

Knowing that there’s great potential in Taiwan’s photography industry, Asia Pacific Artlink Co. holds an annual photography fair, “Photo ONE.” The three-day fair includes themes of Photo Fair, Portfolio Review, and Photo Talk

International critics, professionals, curators, photographers, researchers, publishers, and gallery owners are invited to the event to provide and exchange experience with photography lovers on current trends, creation, critics, publication, and market.

| Date:  

Photo Fair:

2020/10/23  (Fri.)     10:00-22:00  (Slideshows Not Included)

2020/10/24  (Sat.)   10:00-18:30  (Slideshows: 14:00-16:40)

2020/10/25  (Sun.)  10:00-18:30  (Slideshows: 14:00-16:40)

Portfolio Review:

2020/10/23  (Fri.)     11:30-18:30 

2020/10/24  (Sat.)   13:00-18:30 

Photo Talk:

2020/10/25  (Sun.)  10:00-16:00

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